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                  CyberBee received the I Love Free Software Award in June, 2015.

                  I Love Free Software

                  Be sure to explore the entire Cyberbee site, including the Gallery of photographs featuring the National Parks and over 150 Edison Cylinder Recordings.

                  Movie Making

                  Use this guide to organize and shoot a movie. Included are production staff, film terms, sound tips, and camera shots.

                  Who will win the 2020 election? Prepare your students with these lessons and help them learn about our voting process. It is a great civics exercise learning about historical elections and the process for becoming a candidate. There are akso lessons for elementary children about the flag and the political symbols (donkey and elephant) as well as an historical look at a Visit from Taft.

                  Dust Bowl

                  Legacy of the Dust Bowl iBook for iPad & Mac

                  This free lesson explores primary sources such as sound recordings, images, and words from the dust bowl era.

                  Also as Webpage


                  Find teacher resources at Copyright with Cyberbee. Use the to teach students the basics.

                  Cool Weather Destinations
                  Cool Weather Destinations
                  Weather Forecast and Information

                  Download Cyberbee Stickers
                  This collection of icons is formatted so you can print them on label paper.

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                  Cyberbee Updates
                  Primary Sources


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